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When the open road beckons and the wanderlust stirs, Cherokee by Forest River will help you answer the call. Cherokee travel trailers and fifth wheels are built to give you better comfort, style and value, so you can enjoy your travels to the fullest. Whether vacationing with your family, a romantic get-away for two, or going solo, Cherokee has all the features and amenities you're looking for. The best part is it's affordable price and quality construction. You can be assured it's the right choice for exploring the many trails to adventure.

  Forest River Inventory  
 PhotoStock NoYearClassManufacturerBrandModelTypeLengthPrice
404F2018Toy HaulerForest River CHEROKEE17RPNew20
Dealer List: $13,995
Sale Price: $12,995
398F2018Travel TrailerForest River SALEM HEMISPHERE26RBHLNew34
Dealer List: $39,214
Sale Price: $26,995
399F2018Travel TrailerForest River SALEM HEMISPHERE23RBHLNew25
Dealer List: $33,168
Sale Price: $23,995
417F2018Travel TrailerForest River SALEM HEMISPHERE312QBUDNew35
Dealer List: $43,174
Sale Price: $31,995
425F2018Fifth WheelForest River SALEM HEMISPHERE368RLBHKNew42
Dealer List: $62,922
Sale Price: $45,900
62F2017Travel TrailerForest River CHEROKEE274DBHNew31
Dealer List: $29,043
Sale Price: $19,995
 23F2017Travel TrailerForest River SAlEM HEMISPHERE26RLNew30
Sale Price: $25,995
80F2017Travel TrailerForest River Cherokee Wolf Pup16FQNew21
Dealer List: $15,995
Sale Price: $12,995
48F2017Travel TrailerForest River CHEROKEE264CKNew32
Sale Price: $19,995
51F2017Travel TrailerForest River CHEROKEE/WOLF PUP16BHSNew21
Sale Price: $12,995
118F2017Travel TrailerForest River SALEM HEMISPHERE24RKNew28
Call for Price
114F2017Travel TrailerForest River SALEM HEMISPHERE29BHHLNew32
Dealer List: $37,293
Sale Price: $25,995
45F2017Toy HaulerForest River GREY WOLF26RRNew30
Dealer List: $27,853
Sale Price: $19,495
47F2017Travel TrailerForest River CHEROKEE274DBHNew31
Dealer List: $28,997
Sale Price: $19,995
49F2017Toy HaulerForest River Grey Wolf22RRNew27
Dealer List: $27,545
Sale Price: $19,495
50F2017Travel TrailerForest River Cherokee Wolf Pup16FQNew21
Call for Price
52F2017Travel TrailerForest River CHEROKEEWOLF PUPNew21
Dealer List: $20,252
Sale Price: $12,995
81F2017Travel TrailerForest River CHEROKEEWOLF PUP 16BHSNew21
Dealer List: $20,252
Sale Price: $12,995
84F2017Travel TrailerForest River CHEROKEE264CKNew32
Dealer List: $29,514
Sale Price: $19,995
86F2017Toy HaulerForest River CHEROKEE GREY WOLF 26RRNew30
Dealer List: $28,009
Sale Price: $19,995


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